About Us


Interpreting New Zealand was established in 1993 as the first comprehensive interpreting service in New Zealand. We initially provided onsite interpreters and in 1997 expanded our services to include the provision of telephone interpreters. In response to increased demand, we set up a permanent Christchurch branch in Canterbury and currently have coordinators and face to face services in Auckland, Dunedin and Nelson.


We provide and train professional community interpreters, and advocate for the rights and needs of interpreters and speakers of languages other than English.

Mission Statement

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Interpreting NZ strives for people in New Zealand to have access to interpreting services of the highest professional and ethical standards.

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  • High ethical standards guide all we do
  • Effective communication to access services equitably
  • High quality interpreting to facilitate effective communication
  • With clearer, more accurate communication, time and money can be saved
  • Equity of access to government services must be ensured for all who live in NZ
  • Neutrality is essential in all interpreting work and in our interactions with user agencies
  • Interpreters are matched to each client to ensure cultural, linguistic and individual appropriateness
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